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Who I’m? 

I was born in Italy and currently live in USA. I’m a Full-Stack developer & System/Network Engineer that works on worthwhile projects intended to contribute to the mankind’s well being

I have experience with Front-end, Back-end, Databases, Systems/Networking & Security, Mobile and Blockchain technologies.

Professional Skills

Software Development

HTML/CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap

PHP, Python, Golang, JSON, Git, Laravel, WordPress, MVC Frameworks, Socket Programming, Web Scraping & Crawling, APIs, Object Oriented Programming, Multi-Threaded & Concurrency Programming

Linux, Networking & Security

Linux & Cloud
System Architecture, Installation and Package Management, GNU and Unix Commands, Devices and File Systems, Shells Scripting and Data Management, Docker, Digitalocean & Vultr

Networking & Security
Network Architecture, Network Operations, Network Industry Standards and Practices, Network Troubleshooting, Network Security, Cryptography & Firewall Configuration



SQL Databases
MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB & PostgreSQL

NoSQL Databases & Others
MongoDB, BoltDB, & Redis


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Design/Implementation and Management & Wallet/Node Installation and Management 

Other Skills

Italian (Native) & English

Soft Skills
Good communication, Hard working, Diligent, Ethical & Honest


JavaScript native iOS & Android apps


Do want to see my projects?

Experiece, Education & Awards


Upwork (Freelancing)
2018 – Present | Freelance Software Engineer

  • Designed, customized and developed software for web applications.
  • Coordinated with clients for product specifications and features.

2018 – Present | Freelance System & Network Administrator

  • Configured, installed and managed 80+ websites.
  • Configured, installed and managed Linux services like Mysql, Mysql replication, load balancing, Nginx, and Apache2.
  • Configured automatic backups and data recovery solutions.
  • Configured Linux private and public networking, and much more.
  • Coordinated with clients for deliverable specifications

Cyber Clear Security LLC
2018 – Present | Network Administrator & System Administrator

  • Designed, implemented, and managed internal networking such as routers, switches, bridges, servers, firewalls, and more.
  • Architected, managed, and implemented high available networking solutions.
  • Designed, implemented, configured, and managed performant and high available cloud hosting services.

2016 – Present | Software Engineer

  • Designed and developed many software applications (public & private) using several technologies.

Web Marketing International LLC
2016 – 2018 | Software Engineer

  • Designed, managed, and implemented 17+ website platforms using web technologies.

2016 – 2018 | System Administrator

  • Managed, implemented, and configured Linux cloud solutions.

Equimondo LLC
2015 – 2016 | Software Developer

  • Designed and implemented the graphical design of the two caregiver portals and thoroughly tested the codebase implementation and functionality.


St. Petersburg College
July 2018 | CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

St. Petersburg College
May 2018 |CompTIA Network+ Certification Training

May 2017 | High School Diploma
Graduated with a GPA of 4.146. Took Honors math classes and the AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A class.

Awards & Honors

  • AP Computer Science A
  • Certificate of Achievement for 100% on Algebra 1
  • 2 Letters of Congress for Outstanding Student
  • Pinellas Adult, Career, and Technical Education Association Award

Ready to start your project?

Are you interested in starting a new project or have some questions? Please feel free to contact me. I will respond within 24h.